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Savings to really smile about

We created Castle Community Bank to give everyone an ethical option for their savings, whether you want to save bit by bit, in big chunks, or locking away a fixed sum.

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When you’re saving for a Scottish day

We understand that no-one can really predict what the future holds. So we have a variety of savings accounts to help you prepare for whatever may come your way.

If you wish to open a joint account, please download our application form here. We unfortunately cannot process these online.

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Savings Help and Support

Thinking about saving? We can help if you are wanting to save money but not sure what your best option is, or want to know how our process works.

We have the answers to all the above and more in our help and support section

Support with savings

Why join Castle Community Bank?

  • We’re Accessible

    We care about the communities we serve. We open branches, we don’t close them. A human being assesses your application- not a computer. We operate branches as well as running an online service

  • We’re Competitive

    The rates we offer on our savings are better than the big high street banks.

  • We’re Ethical

    We only use our savings to lend to the community. We do not invest in the stock market for profit. We’re here to help, not make money.

  • We’re Secure

    All your savings are secured under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £85,000. You can be sure your savings are safe with us.

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