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An update on your Membership

Important information about your membership

Important Information

Changes to Your Membership

Castle Community Bank has offered savings and loans insurance on all our members accounts for many years. 

This cover has been provided free of charge to our members, with Castle Community Bank paying the premiums. Over the years the cost of this scheme has increased dramatically and as part of Castle Community Banks commitment to keeping costs as low as possible, we are no longer able to offer this insurance as part of your membership.

This change is effective from the 1st of August 2018.

We will invest the money we save in improving the services that we offer to all our members, both online and in branch.

We are still covered by the FSCS and your savings are totally secure. This in no way affects the security of your account.

Nothing else on your account has changed, and savings are just as secure now as they always have been.

You can read more about how we secure your savings here

You can get in touch with us at any time using the details below.

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